Your reputation is only as good as your ability to deliver on your promises. To continue building a great reputation, you need partners who can be trusted to help you every step of the way.

That's the Sea Air way.

We help our clients ship everything, everywhere,

in every way. And we get it right every time.

We can make this promise because we have proven

our ability to deliver the extraordinary time and again.


  • An 80-ton crane to the depths of a copper mine
  • in Chile
  • 20,000 day-old, 40-gram chicks to Germany on
  • a life or death deadline
  • A full-grown whale across North America


So no matter what you're shipping, you can be sure that Sea Air will give you innovative solutions and extraordinary service. That means your shipment gets there on time, problem-free, in perfect condition, every time.

Flexibility means efficiency

As an independent freight forwarder, we can provide you with the utmost flexibility. We have access to a wide range of carriers and schedules to help meet the tightest deadlines. We also charter planes and ships when it's the best solution for our clients.


Whichever way we ship, your freight takes the most direct route available without having to be channeled through organizational hubs.

We're your door-to-door partner

When you ship worldwide with

Sea Air, you're guaranteed a single point of contact.


As a proudly Canadian-owned company with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, we will manage every aspect of your shipment at every stage of its journey.

You can leave the details to us

The best systems in the world do not mean a thing if your shipment is delayed by inaccurate or incomplete paperwork.


Whether you ship by sea, air or land, you can rely on the experts at Sea Air to thoroughly prepare the correct documentation and ensure your shipment travels uninterrupted to its final destination.

Peace of mind shipping is just a phone call away



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