For horses that breed, show, or compete in athletic events, domestic or international transport might be a necessary and frequent part of life.


Today, air transport is the only real viable option for horses bound for overseas destinations, but is also a cost-effective and responsible alternative for those going long distances within North America.


A 4-hour flight between Edmonton and Toronto can be a lot less stressful

than a 4-day van ride.


While some horses adapt well to transport, others

do not, and being moved from one place to

another can be highly stressful for them,

whether they travel by air or by road.

Sea Air has experience transporting hundreds of horses - across the country and around the world.


We understand that each horse has a unique personality, and we've learned to pay close attention to every movement and sound.

You didn't buy your saddle off the shelf, you had it custom made.




Now oiled, aged, and softened, it fits you and your horse like a glove. It's a part of you, and it's a part of her. It's the third man in your gold winning team.

Your tack is in good hands with Sea Air.

They're not livestock, not quite pets.

They are unique and wonderful, and we love transporting them.





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